The Scoosher is an innovative brass instrument accessory designed to help wash the inside of your instrument and help maintain  optimum hygiene.  this simple but effective product replaces your shower head during instrument maintenance, and helps to produce a faster water flow to power through your instrument.

The product is manufactured in Scotland by Thomas Prentice and is made from recycled plastic and manufactured by his company Plastic2Product Skye.  Its clever design enables you to use  The power of your shower hose to jet water through your instrument to clean out built up bacteria within..

Another instrument accessory which has been developed by Thomas Prentice is The SkyeBird – embouchure exerciser, also produced by Plastic2Product Skye.

Introduction to Plastic2Product Skye, manufacturers of The SkyeBird and the Scoosher:

  • Product Type: Instrument Accessory
  • Material: Recycled Plastic
  • Catalogue No: TWC-Schr-001
  • Designed by: Thomas Prentice
  • Purchase from: Coming Soon

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