The SkyeBird is an innovative accessory for cornet or trumpet (select instrument at time of ordering) which helps to improve lip flexibility and air-flow control when used in conjunction with specific exercises devised by John Wallace.

The product is made from recycled plastic and manufactured by Thomas Prentice in Skye, Scotland.  It’s clever design enables the player to improve the focus of their air-flow and develop vital control of note production from embouchure to instrument.

John Wallace has created a series of ‘Face Fitness’ exercises to accompany the use of The SkyeBird, offering the brass player a structured and incremental means of expanding their practice regime over the course of 12 months.

See the SkyeBird in action with John Wallace:

Another instrument accessory which has been developed by Thomas Prentice is The Scoosher – Hygiene Helper, also produced by Plastic2Product Skye.

  • Product Type: Instrument Accessory
  • Material: Recycled Plastic
  • Catalogue No: TWC-SB-001-Cnt-Tpt
  • Designed by: Thomas Prentice
  • Purchase from: Coming Soon

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