The Wallace Collection actively promotes engagement with, and in brass playing.  Through Come and Play workshops in numerous countries, the ensemble has shared ideas, collaborated in making projects more visible to the public, and joined together to play, side-by-side, aspirational works of music not normally within an organisation’s reach.

Since 2015, the ensemble has delivered numerous 1 and 2 day workshops, enabling hundreds of brass players of all levels to share in professional know-how.  Through the Come and Play workshops, the participants also gain deeper insight into team working and improvisation skills, essential for creative development.

Come and Play sessions are tailored to the needs of the workshop organisers and participants.  Age and ability are of no concern to the workshop leaders – just enthusiasm and interest in learning more about playing brass, and keenness to explore the infinite possibilities of music-making with others.

The sessions vary to suit the context. The number of session leaders can range from a single member of The Wallace Collection to the whole ensemble, and can include guests such as jazz pianist Richard Michael.

After the sessions, a finale ‘sharing’ normally takes place. Friends, parents, carers and public (as appropriate) are invited.  This offers all the participants an opportunity to demonstrate their achievement.

Here’s a taste of what a Come and Play workshop offers:
(Taken from the Fringe of Gold Festival 2015 – formerly known as the St Andrews Brass Festival):

Please contact us for a chat if you would like to find out more about our Come and Play workshops and how The Wallace Collection may be able to support your own enthusiasm to develop brass playing and participation in your community.