“To A Walrus” Birthday Launch!

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To celebrate the 75th birthdays of John Wallace and Andrew Powell (born only 4 days apart), we are delighted to release a new album which showcases the brass music of Andrew Powell and features members of The Wallace Collection and Solstice Brass, together with Andrew Powell’s contributions across piano, percussion, live electronics and tape.

John “McTavish” “Walrus” “M. Morse” Wallace writes:
This album of Andrew Powell’s ground-breaking music for solo and ensemble brass is long overdue. It is almost beyond my comprehension that Andrew, born four days after me in 1949, is now 75 years old. He and I go back a very long way – to Garden Hostel, West Road, Cambridge, October 1967, to be precise. We struck up a Celtic Fringe friendship straight away, his Welshness masked slightly by his upbringing in Wimbledon, my Scottishness bare and naked from the coalfields of Fife. From the start Andrew lavished me with the nicknames above, which have stuck right through our long friendship.