Fringe of Gold 2020: Under Stars and Satellites

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we managed to work within the necessary restrictions for Scotland to present a large-scale production concert, primarily hosted at the Laidlaw Music Centre, St Andrews. The event was safely live-streamed across the world as part of the Fringe of Gold Festival 2020 on 7th November 2020, enabling an endless number of audience members from all over the globe to enjoy and experience the innovation from the collection of performers and presenters brought together.

Entitled Under Stars and Satellites we performed live, welcomed guest performers to perform remotely including the renowned Markus Stockhausen, and through pre-recorded footage with the RSNO Brass Quintet. The event also provided an opportunity for our StAMP Discovering Brass participants to perform from the comfort of their own homes, showcasing a world premiere of two of Andrew Knight Hill’s latest works – Stars and Satellites, where they demonstrated their collectively created interpretations and improvisations.

The event not only involved music performers but also participants who shaped the whole experience with insights to associated science and knowledge of our galaxies.

Performers and Participants:

  • Introduced by Ellen Thomson and Anne-Marie Weijmans
  • Markus Stockhausen – trumpet
  • The Wallace Collection
  • RSNO Brass Quintet
  • Participants on the 2020 StAMP Discovering Brass programme


Under Stars and Satellites presented a wide spectrum of music, from Gabrielli and Mimart to Stockhausen and McGuire.

  • Canzon VII (1615) – Giovanni Gabrieli (1554-1612)
    • Performed by The Wallace Collection
  • Canzon Prima (1615) – Giovanni Gabrieli
    • Performed by the RSNO Brass Quintet
  • Satellites (World Premiere) – Andrew Knight-Hill (b 1986)
    • Performed by the 2020 StAMP Discovering Brass participants, led by Tony George
  • Septuour no. 2 – Prospère-Aginor Mimart
    • Performed by The Wallace Collection
  • A Remote Star (improvisation) – Markus Stockhausen (b 1957)
  • Stars (World Premiere) – Andrew Knight-Hill
    • Performed by the 2020 StAMP Discovering Brass participants, led by Tony George
  • Auriga – Eddie McGuire (b 1948)
    • Performed by The Wallace Collection
  • Michael’s Farewell – Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007)
    • Performed by Markus Stockhausen and The Wallace Collection

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