MEPG Online Teaching Research Released

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Research on the delivery of online music teaching in Scotland, during lock-down, has now been published by the Music Education Partnership Group (MEPG).

What is MEPG?

MEPG is a network of music-based organisations set up to advocate for the life-long benefits of a music education enriched by singing and playing – for the people of Scotland.

The Report

It is encouraging to read about the creativity of music teachers, organisations and pupils alike who managed to ‘get on with it’ and make things work.
We were part of this movement with our online StAMP Brass Camp and Discovering Brass programme which is running until November.

MEPG commented on the report:

“There is no doubt that, collectively, we are going through one of the greatest crises that we will ever experience. This research shows how music educators responded positively in the first five months of the crisis and just got on with it. We have all developed ways of working on-line, music has led the way across the far horizon for other educators, and what we need to do now is hold a steady course and refine our act to support the young people that we work with to the best of our abilities. When we eventually return to in-situ teaching, and we will, we will be so much the better, and have so many more effective resources at our disposal, due to this global crisis.”

Read It Yourself

If you have an interest in music education, do take a read – the report can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

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